Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 14-20

What an amazing weekend of racing, organization, waxing, team work, awesome athleteness and fun!!! I had this weekend pegged down to being chaotic... For the record, I have to say that we have practices that are more chaotic than this weekend! Thank you parents and athletes alike for such a great time. The level of athlete dedication that I saw from each and every one of you out there this weekend made me so proud! You guys rock and this is why I coach. 

Also, for the record... the one person who had to do the most burpies for this weekend was ME (:S) and thank you Shelly for going back to the hotel to get me my Neos- my feet also thank you!:) 

Thank you Randy, Ken and Jake for great organized, waxing; thank you Joe for dedicating your weekend to running this race via CCA and for sorting us coaches out; thank you Colin and Jake for helping lead the junior team and learning on the go; thank you Moms and Dads all for driving and organizing kids (& me) and to Claudette for leading and teaching the ropes of filling in all the great big gaps of race day organization that needs to take place; and thank you all for letting me coach you guys!

Tuesday: We will be classic skiing as it's going to be warm and FAST! We will be doing intervals and skiing very fast as the snow will be amazing! 

Thursday: Will be skate skiing as it'll still be warm but the fast snow won't be as crazy fast as it's going to be on Tuesday. More intervals but bring a head lamp for this workout. Warm up with 5 laps of 5 and 5's and then go do your warm up ski. 

Saturday: Even though the calendar says that I won't be at training on Saturday- I will be, as the next month we have some valuable training time to get in. 

Sunday: Six Pack Race at 2pm. Check your emails and come prepared to do a great ski race on a great course! It's new and wonky and it has Cori's name all over it. :)