Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Sept 16-22, 2013.

Hope you've all recovered from our fitness test!

*reminder to not get caught up on these results! They are just a baseline gauge for me to see how fit you guys are getting over the season! Now that everyone has seen and know what the chaotic experience is all about we can focus better on technique and counting proper technique sets verses incorrect technique. Something that we will be working on over the next few months!!

Tuesday: Muskoseepi Park- 5:30-6:30. If you have a skipping rope please bring it!! Don't forget water bottles and HOLDERS to go with the water bottles!

Thursday: Wapiti Nordic Lodge- 5:30-6:30. We will be working around the lodge outside.

Saturday/Sunday: If you have roller skis please go for 45-60min on both of these days. If you don't have roller skis... go for a run- 30-45 minutes. 


See you out there!!!