Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Oct 14- Oct 20, 2013.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope that you were able to share it with family and friends and share what you're thankful for this year. I'm thankful for family, friends, an awesome race team, an exciting season to come, health, life in general and all the abundance that we have in our lives. What an exciting season we have coming upon us quickly!! I reviewed the videos from Saturday and they look good! Lots of improvements!

Welcome to Build week 2 of our second cycle!

Tuesday: Muskoseepi Park- for some fun! Workout will be a challenge and LOTS of busy-ness!!

Thursday: Meet at the lodge. Guest Coach who's going to work you over and it's going to be awesome!!!:D

Saturday: AT LODGE. Bring your shorter ski poles for this one. You're going to enjoy this one as... I'm not leading it!!:D 2 hours of awesomeness- bring a snack and lots of water for the workout!!

I will not be at practice or in Grande Prairie from Thursday to Monday inclusive as I am working with the Provincial Team in Canmore. If you need to be in contact with me you can reach me on my cell: 780-933-0853. Thank you guest coaches for helping me out while I'm off working on my certification. :) See you Tuesday!!