Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Oct 21-Oct 27

Hey guys! Been skiing all weekend in Canmore and it's FABULOUS!!! I can't wait for snow to come to get you guys out too!! I'm completely fired up and exhausted from all the energy required to ski!! SO- guess what this means?! Yup- lots of hard work this week to keep on prepping you guys for ski season. We're in our third build week which means- "bring it on Claire and make us work hard!!" Right?!:)

Tuesday- Muskoseepi for 100's. warm up will be shorter than usual as we need more time to get to 100's. Bring a water bottle!!

Thursday- out at the lodge for a great workout!! Bring runners, poles and water bottle with holder and lots of energy.

Saturday- meet out at the roller ski spot. If the pavement is wet we won't be roller skiing but lots to work on regardless!! Come prepared for a good, hard workout!:) Bring food to snack on during practice.

Yeehaw to ski season coming soon!!!:D