Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 9- December 15

Well it looks like the temperatures are going to warm up for us this week… a bit anyway. Come dressed warmly still as it's going to be a bit frosty.

NOTE: Thursday, December 19 (next Thursday) will be our team Christmas party! We will be skiing and after our ski we will do a Chinese gift exchange ($10 value) around the lodge tree.

Tuesday: Classic. Dress warmly.

Thursday: Classic. Dress warmly.

Saturday: Skate. Again… dress warmly. Hopefully the groomers will be able to catch up with all the predicted snow that we're supposed to be getting… so be prepared to ski classic incase they can't keep up.

Sunday: 6 Pac #2; try #2… will hopefully be a go and hopefully we can get enough parent volunteers to run this race. It'll be classic. Registration closes at 1:30.