Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 23-March 2, 2014.

We're heading into build week #2. Please let me know if you're sick as this will affect the training plan. Also, as I stated before- with only 3 weeks left with the full team and only 5 weeks left to the season, each training session is important and I'm not able to cover what was previously taught. We have lots to go over still and very little time. Therefore, it's important to not miss practice, if you do miss practice because of illness, drink lots of water and rest lots- email me and I will do an extra 30 minutes training session with you on the coming two Sundays (barring that I'm here this weekend & that you're feeling better).

Tuesday: Skate- working on hill technique, both up and down. Using those awesome intervals and such!:)

Thursday: Classic- it's supposed to be colder this evening- please dress appropriately for the weather. A few of the athletes will be preparing their skis for the Alberta Youth Championships in Bragg Creek. You will be preparing your skis after a 45min ski with the team. Wax to be determined as the weather keeps changing!! The rest of the team we will be doing some more tactic training as we did Thursday & Saturday last week.

Saturday: Skate- this practice is to be determined. If I am here, we will be doing something completely different to if I'm away. I will know by Tuesday and if you receive an email titled: "Saturday's practice" then you will know to read this and will therefore know what to expect for training!:) If I'm here- be ready to ski for the entire 2 hours!