Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 3 - 12, 2014.

It's Alberta Winter Games week!! 

Tuesday: Is going to be cold- dress warmly and everyone be prepared to go for a 30 minute classic ski. There is going to be two groups this day- those going (13 athletes) and those staying (12 athletes). Those who are staying in GP/not going to the games, I would like you to help those that are going to be madly waxing their skis and trying to get everything done on time. If you don't think you can help, then you are free to leave- unless you are a Junior aged athlete and I'd like you to stay and help make sure that the Mini-midget skiers and Midget skiers get their skis cleaned well enough to go into the ski bag. Skis that aren't cleaned well add an extra 30-45 minutes onto an already hectic waxing schedule that Jim will be doing solo this time around. Please make sure that those skis are clean!

Classic skis need to be cleaned and waxed with rex blue.
Skate skis need to be left in the furnace room AS SOON AS YOU ARRIVE AT PRACTICE!!! This way we can get a head start on the skis. If you are done your classic skis and have time, we'd like you to apply LF4 to your classic skis. If you're inexperienced with this wax- please ask for help from the older athletes- it's not easy to put on or scrape off.

Bring both sets of equipment, your sleeping bag and if you have a large duffel bag- bring it please.
Can we please have 2 parents help with bag tags:
                           Bag Tags: We need one or two parents to organize luggage tags.  Jim will have the tags, and will 
                                      explain what to do on Tuesday.
Could we please have someone organize the food again?

I'd like to be done by 8:00pm again please- last time with Red Deer we were done by 7:30! Thank you to everyone who can help out!!

Thursday: Skate skiing. Dress appropriately for the weather!

Saturday: Skate skiing again- but bring your classic gear just in case we need to change. Bring food and water bottle as we won't be staying around the lodge.

Good luck to those attending the Alberta Winter Games this year!! Am super proud of you and looking forward to hearing how it goes!! The chaperones are there for you to listen too and follow their rules. Just because I won't be there doesn't mean you won' thane to do any burpies for doing silly things!