Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 3- March 9, 2014.

Well, sure hope you guys survived the deep freeze this weekend!!? What's up with winter this year? Anyhow- it's going to be a balmy -17 on Tuesday & Thursday; dress warmly please AND plus temps for the weekend…

Tuesday: Classic- bring a water bottle and holder as we won't be spending time at the lodge; as well as warm clothes, again, we won't be spending time at the lodge. I will need parent support for this practice please.

Thursday: Skate- see above for the notes!

Saturday: It's going to be +4… maybe time for our swimsuit ski?! Actually, we will have a hard skate practice for the hour and a half before and the last thirty minutes will be our swimsuit ski. Bring your swim suits and cameras!!! And your water bottles and snacks. :) And be prepared to work hard before the fun begins!!

This is our third build week- nice and hard, having said that we need to be careful with the cold temps so bring buffs and ski masks and we'll see what we can do!