Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 20-26, 2014.

Build Week 2: You will all be happy to hear that I'm putting off the fitness test for yet another week- the weather has been too nice that I don't want to waste a roller skiing day for something we can do in the rain or sleet or snow. :D It's not going to be as warm this week- but it's definitely not normal temperatures still, so being thankful instead of cranky that snow isn't here yet… we are still doing some awesome dry land training!!! From here on in, always bring your poles (shortest ones you have for running with and otherwise what you use for roller skiing will be fine) to practice. 

Tuesday- meet at the lodge. Bring your short poles and water bottle etc…

Thursday- meet Mallory at Muskoseepi. I left her with words such as: hills, hard, long, abs, poles… basically, you'll have a whack load of fun!!! :D And I look forward to receiving her feedback on you guys after her workout.

Saturday- meet Ken and Mallory out at the correction line. You will be roller skiing unless the pavement is wet, then running with poles. Either way, bring both sets of poles with you and be prepared. Bring a snack, water etc…

*I will be away working in Canmore for this week (Wednesday onwards), please respect the volunteers that are helping me out to continue our journey of getting the best out of you. If you have any questions or concerns I will be reachable via phone but please keep in mind I'm working a camp there and may not be able to respond to you right away. I expect respect and best behaviours for our guest coaches! Have a great week everyone!


Junior Race Team

Thursday- please meet Davis out back of Muskoseepi pavilion from 5-6pm. Please bring a water bottle and holder and be on time- ask Mika how the burpies are!:)

Saturday- Reminder to the time: 10:15-11:45 out at the ski lodge. Again water bottles are a must and a snack for these young athletes is very important- an energy bar that's not loaded with sugar is recommended, a banana, a bagel with peanut butter (no athletes on the junior team have allergies to peanuts at this point)… something filling, easy to eat and enjoyable are all pluses!

Again, if your athlete won't be able to attend practice, or will be late please either text myself, 780-933-0853 or Davis- 780-978-4582 to let us know- it helps with the waiting around before practice starts and with the preparation as well. If you have any concerns please bring them up with myself, Claire 780-933-0853. No concerns are to be dealt with through Davis, she is a volunteer coach and under my guidance. Thank you for respecting this.