Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 6-12, 2014

Good job this week on build week 2… however, for those of you who enjoyed a holiday on Saturday (that's all but 4 of you…) expect more awesome workouts this week. I hope you were all sore on Friday past!;)

Tuesday- meet at the lodge and be prepared to run with a water bottle in tow.

Thursday- meet at Muskoseepi pavilion out back with Davis and crew. We will be dispersing from there shortly after 5 and working out at the bottom of the green bowl/by the dam… for another awesome workout!!!

Saturday- NO PRACTICE. Spend some time with your family and enjoy some turkey. This is heading into our rest week- which means by next Thursday, rest week will be over… be forewarned!!

BUT- As you all (or almost all of you) have a set of roller skis now- I highly recommend you going out twice on those suckers and get some practice (1 hour easy minimum) in, working on the tips that I told you to work on in training. IF you can prove to me that you did this, there will be a prize for you at training on Tuesday next!



Thursday practice ONLY. Saturday there will be NO practice as it's Thanksgiving and the little ones seem to be on the sick side right now- so it will give them some time to recuperate. 

Meet out behind the pavilion at Muskoseepi Park and will see you there with Davis. Please if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.