Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 22-28, 2014.

What an phenomenal weekend of racing!!! Thank you so much to each of the parents that came to the race. You each were a big help in the success of such a great weekend: from organizing, chauffeuring, shuttling, hauling, waxing, scraping, warming up, cooling down, coffee fetching, feeding, cheering, herding… you name it, you were all a significant help and thank you SO much!

A HUGE congratulations to ALL of the racers!!! Bling and ribbons galore with awesome racing by EVERYONE! I will be making some significant changes to the training plans over the holidays as you're all advancing along the program very nicely!! Please ski as much as you can over the holidays- keep it long (1-2.5 hours), slow (zone1) and plentiful (4-5x/week) skiing only. Enjoy the beautiful trails here or wherever the holidays find you!

For those of you who won't be at practice on Tuesday, have a very Merry Christmas filled with love, peace and presents! ;)

Christmas Schedule: There will be practices on Dec 23, 27, 30 and Jan 3. IF you have the time and the inkling- please go for long slow skis with your family or another team mate… the more skiing the better!!

Tuesday: It's rest week… so we're doing YOGA!! Jodi (the instructor from London England) will be joining us and putting on an hour session. Bring your yoga mat and $5 to pay her for her time and teaching us and bring some inner chi! Please pick up your gear from the weekend of races.

Thursday: Merry Christmas!

Saturday: Skate skiing- it'll be a beautiful day!!! See you then!


Junior Skiers!

SUPER AMAZING job at the races!! Everyone won a ribbon or a medal or two… and I think, just maybe… that everyone had a great time!;) I sure hope so anyway as you all did an amazing job racing this weekend, and for those of you away… we look forward to having you join us another time!

Please feel free to join us on Tuesday for a yoga session starting at 5:45-6:45. If you do come please bring a mat (if you have one at home) and $5 per person to pay the instructor. I look forward to seeing you all there if you can make it.

Saturday: Classic ski with a guest coach. I will need the assistance of a parent or two for this session please! 10:15-11:45. Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!