Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 12-19, 2015.

Hello Crew!! Looks like the weather is going to cooperate with is this week! Having said that we will only be having one practice this week. There is a small group skiing on Thursday regular practice time.

Tuesday: team meal- potluck as usual. Skate practice if it doesn't snow for a while now.:) Practice from 5:30-6:15... Ski prep afterwards: Rex blue with LF4- scraped off. IF you have LF 5 please use this instead but unfortunately we don't have enough in the box right now for all of the skis. IF you're racing all three days please do both sets of skis. If you're only racing the weekend- just do your skate skis.

Thursday- meet at the lodge for 1:30pm if you're racing on Friday. No team supper this evening.

Friday- Classic Race
Saturday- Skate sprints; team supper (not confirmed yet- supper out or potluck?)
Sunday- Skate distance.

Junior Team

Thursday- Skate skiing, bring your headlamps and water. 

Saturday- Classic skiing. Meet upstairs in the back corner of the lodge. 10:15 on snow.