Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 19-25, 2015.

Great weekend of racing everyone!!! There were ups and downs and hopefully everyone had fun and enjoyed the racing, card gaming, team hanging and friend making time!!! It’s rest week! Yup- I know you thought it would never get here… the catch is, it’s going to be not a full week. Camrose is in 3 weeks and we still have lots more to do!!!:D My apologies on not getting this blog out on time, I didn’t get home til the wee hours of this morning… Thank you for your patience!
Tuesday: We will be skating as the weather looks perfect for a fast night of skiing. I’m going to need a few parents to help with this practice please… I may or may not be able to be on skis by tomorrow (an epic fall has me nursing a sore ankle- Megan stop laughing) but I will still be there. Bring a headlamp.
Thursday: We will be classic skiing. Bring water bottle and energy to this practice.
Saturday: It’s a 6pac race!! Bring your skis (both as I’m not sure which discipline it will be) and be ready to race in the morning. Bring $5 for registration and I believe the hope is to have more Jackrabbits involved!   Not sure of the exact start time- we will discuss this over the week though. Stay tuned via emails or texts for updates regarding this practice. Please show up and be ready on skis for 10am.

Junior Racers!
It’s been awhile since I’ve seen you guys! I hope you’ve had some good sessions with Coach Davis now that the weather is cooperating more!
Thursday: Classic skiing with Coach Davis! Bring a headlamp and water bottle.
Saturday: Please see the above note- this information applies to you guys too. See you out there!!