Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 2-8, 2015.

Where o where is the time going?! There are only 8 weeks left and SO much to do and ski!!! Please pay attention to this blog for details about the next few weeks. Yes, weeks- as there is some fore-planning required.

Tuesday- CLASSIC!!! Finally!

Camrose may or may not be a go for this weekend (fingers crossed and prayers being said that it is!)… we will know by Tuesday morning if it isn't. PLEASE REGISTER BEFORE MIDNIGHT WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 4. Also, please be aware that the change of weekend would be to February 21/22 which is the weekend where you all are volunteering for the Special Olympic Races (email Grant Bourree if you still have not registered- again this is a mandatory event for the race team and I know that there are a few athletes who have yet to register). There are a few families who have stated that they will be staying behind to help with the races and some of those who will be going to the races- please email Grant Bourree IF you can no long help IF the races are CHANGED to the 21/22 weekend. Also, please be aware that I WILL NOT be attending the Camrose races IF they change to the February 21/22 weekend (I will be away coaching the Canada Winter Games team at this point).

Going ahead like it is a go for Camrose this weekend:

Thursday- ALL athletes attending Camrose please meet at 5:30. We will be starting with a group discussion (bring paper and pencil/pen), then we will be waxing our skis (Rex Blue + a wax unknown at this point but will be known by Thursday at 4pm- you can text me if you're going to be doing your skis earlier on Thursday) both skate and classic. To my knowledge, there will be 18 athletes requiring benches to prep their skis. If you have time after practice on Tuesday to get Rex Blue on your skis before Thursday- this will be very helpful! Supper will be organized through Carrie Lundstrom (thank you Carrie) and is a potluck. Thank you to everyone for bringing food for this- it helps to get everyone fed and home by 8/8:30 fed and ready for the weekend.

Friday- please meet in Camrose at the ski trails (info is in the Race Notice) for 1:30 to go over the trails that you will be racing and the venue (area) so that everyone will be a bit less stressed over the weekend! Parents, if this is your first event or first year of races, please ask other 'seasoned' parents questions- I'm usually pretty swamped with tasks that need to happen over the weekend. :) We should be done by 3pm at the latest and families will return to wherever they are staying.

I will be sending out a text around 8:30/9pm stating which category needs to be where and when for Saturday. My typical rule is to show up 2 hours before a classic race and 1.5 hours before a skate race. Each athlete starts at a different time depending on their start time- which will be in the text, the kids will have their race plan- parents it's very important that the athletes stick to this plan (part of Thursday's discussion).

Saturday- Classic technique- mass start (everyone in that category starts at the same time). I usually encourage athletes to cheer for each other. Athletes can leave after they have done their cool down ski from their race, cheered for a bit and ensure that I have their skis for the next day. Please stay around for the medal ceremony if you can- it's pretty exciting to watch, especially as Wapiti seems to be cleaning up in the bling section this year!

There will be NO team supper this trip as everyone is truly too spread out with people staying in Edmonton etc… If someone would like to book a dinner in Camrose for those of us staying in Camrose, that would be welcome!

Coaches will be staying at the Best Western Hotel and Mallory and Davis' room will be the games room if you're in the area and want to hang out with the team for a bit (until 8:45pm). This is where the team bonding stuff happens (right crew who ate their supper on my pillow last time? :/ )…

Sunday- Skate technique- individual start. Stick around for the medal ceremony please as it's really great having the team there. Return to GP safely with whatever road conditions are supplied us post race weekend!


Junior Race Team- please read above! If you're not coming to Camrose- the meeting at 5:30 is still applicable to you to please attend.