Pre Training Health Assessment Form

It's a new year, a new look!

Welcome baaaack!!!! 

This post is for everyone for the 2016-17 season. After this week- posts will be split between Junior and Senior Teams. Junior team info can be found on the bottom of the blog. IF you know any young kids who may be interested in the junior team- please encourage them to come with their parents to training on Sept 8.

Training will begin on Thursday, September 8 at Muskoseepi Pavilion. Fall Training times will be 5-6:30pm and once on snow the times will change to 5:45-7:15pm Tuesday and Thursday; Saturday's will always be 10-12.

Thursday, September 8 is a MANDATORY practice- it's where parents and athletes get the run down of the season and we all start on the same page. Parents please bring pen, paper and checks. Senior team athletes please bring your goals for the ski season on a piece of paper with your name on it. They don't have to be complex... just a starting point for me to work on. Athletes please come prepared for an easy team run afterwards.

See you all then!