Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 1-17, 2016 Inclusive

Please pay attention to the details and CHANGES in this email. While I'm away, training will occur in town only…

*Please note- we will not be getting snow in the next few weeks (I know it's pessimistic but it's sadly the truth) and therefore I highly recommend registering for the Lake Louise camp which gives you the benefit of getting on snow before we head out to Canmore. As things look weather wise- we may not get onto snow now until we get to Canmore. Technique and experience wise- this makes it difficult to race. IF you can go to Lake Louise camp- please register on (type in Lake Louise) BEFORE midnight Nov 3- it's a low cost camp with high benefits for the beginning of our racing season, given the meek outlook on snow for us this month.


Tuesday- Nov 1- training at the ski lodge with Claire and Mallory. This is the last build week of this cycle- it's a doozey!!! :D

Thursday- Nov 3- training at Muskoseepi- guest coach with Mallory- show off for them and work hard!! Bring lots of water.

Saturday- Nov 5- Dunes for roller skiing practice. Bring both sets of poles (long ones if the trails are dry and you're roller skiing; short ones if it's too wet for running and bounding- don't assume you know- just bring them both please).

Tuesday- Nov 8- TIME CHANGE = BRING A HEADLAMP; Meet at Muskoseepi there are two guest coaches- no complaining and yes, it's rest week- but you still have 2 hard workouts to do- the "rest" comes from the rest of own life- do less this week- this does NOT include chores. :D 

Thursday- Nov 10 Meet at Thrill Hill. Bring a headlamp- water breaks are to be infrequent and quick- the point to this workout is to keep moving and work hard for the whole time without stopping. 

Saturday- Nov 12- OFF- yup it's true, you get a day off from training- I recommend a 30-45 min run, no stopping in zone 1. 

Tuesday- Nov 15- Meet at Muskoseepi- bring a water bottle- a headlamp isn't necessary for this workout. Coach Mallory will be back.

Thursday- Nov 17- Meet at Thrill Hill- bring your poles- short ones- and a headlamp. I'll be back for this workout and expect to hear great things and see even better things with your technique and fitness!!

Saturday- Nov 19- I don't know- maybe we will have snow. I will update the blog when I get back on the 16th.

Junior Team

ThursdayNov 3- training at Muskoseepi. Please make sure they have water bottles.
ThursdayNov 10 Cancelled- coach Caroline isn't available and I can't find anyone to cover this workout. My apologies on this! 
ThursdayNov 17- Meet at Thrill HillPlease make sure your athlete has a headlamp and is wearing brightly coloured clothing. Don't forget the water bottles too. I will be back for this workout- if you have any questions or concerns you can discuss them with me here. Thank you!