Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 24-30, 2016.

So we're sadly out of snow now until winter decides to really show up… back to runners and roller skis. :(

Tuesday- meet at the lodge- running shoes, water bottles and be prepared to be away from the lodge for the entire practice. Bring your shortest poles with you.

Thursday- Seniors and Juniors- Meet at THRILL HILL. Bring your shortest poles and be prepared to work hard. This is mid cycle for us- so one more week and then you can rest. Until then- bring your A-game!

Saturday- Meet at the correction line parking lot- come prepared to roller ski/bike/run/with short poles. Basically- it's a gamble as to how much ice/frost is out there vs. how dry it is vs. if there's any snow… be prepared for all of the above and something hard will come out of it!! :D