Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Nov 16-Nov 20, 2016.

I'm BAAACKKK!!!!! :D And I look forward to hearing how the past two weeks went/seeing your fitness increases!

There are a few key features in this blog- please read it all. A response is required.

1. Although there isn't any snow on the ground, the evenings are cooler and the weather no longer permits wearing shorts or short sleeves. Please show up dressed appropriately- your body needs to be covered head to toe with clothing- it's also cold/flu season and if you're not dressed appropriately you will get sick. A thin toque/head band and thin gloves, jacket, long sleeve, t-shirt, long pants, headlamp, and water bottle are a requirement. This should go without saying… but apparently a reminder needed to be sent. If we feel that you're not dressed appropriately, you will not be working out… it's not worth you getting sick over.

2. Racing in Canmore is quickly approaching and we still haven't been on snow. Jake informed me that Hinton got a dump of snow yesterday and is in line for some more over the coming few days. I propose a day trip on Saturday or Sunday to Hinton (Saturday I will have to leave by 2:30pm though) to get on some snow before we race next weekend. An email has been sent out about this- but I need a response by Friday 10am if it's a go or not- check your emails please!

3. Ski pole length- for Skate Skiing- with boots on, your poles should come up to your cheek bones and min height is your chin. Please check this out before heading onto snow- it's so difficult to work on technique when those poles are the wrong length. For Classic Skiing- although CCA has not issued a statement regarding the FIS ruling that came out in mid September… it is recommended that all classic poles be 83% of the body height of the athlete WITH their ski boots on and to the top of the strap- where it enters the pole. For those that had your gear checked at the gear check night mid October- you're fine. IF YOU DID NOT HAVE YOUR GEAR CHECKED- please do this and ensure that your poles aren't too tall- they will have to be cut down 9-12cm which is significant…

4. Team t-shirts are in and will be $12/shirt. Cash (I don't have change) or e-transfer is great- password is wapiti.

5. Canmore race notice: please read. AND register:

6. If you're a MIDGET athlete (born in 2003 or older)- you will need a race license this year. You can apply for it here:

You will need the following information:
Club: Wapiti Nordic
Club Official: Grant Bourree
Coach Name: Claire Richter
Coach Level: T2T 
Coach NCCP #: 636201

ALL ATHLETES NEED DAY LICENCES FOR FRIDAY (purchased that day by family- please have cash for this) SATURDAY & SUNDAY (purchased online with registration)= $7.50/day. If you're athlete is 2004 or younger- you do not need to worry about a license but when registering you will need a day license- $7.50/day of racing in Canmore. DO NOT pay the day license of $5- this is for older than 2004 athletes only. 

Thursday- Both Juniors and Seniors- Meet at Muskoseepi pavilion outside. Headlamps and water bottles. See #1 above as well.

Saturday- See emails- if we're going to Hinton- great, if not we will be roller skiing 10-12pm. Bring runners and both sets of poles just in case their is too much frost.

Sunday- See emails.

Canmore info- next week. Waxing night is Tuesday in the lodge.