Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Nov 21-27

It's race week!!! I can't believe racing season is starting!

Just a reminder of a few things- please re-read last weeks blog- about poles, etc. Team t-shirts are in and will be $12/shirt. Cash or e-transfer is great- password is: wapiti.

Canmore race notice: please read. AND register:

If you're a MIDGET athlete (born in 2003 or older)- you will need a race license this year. You can apply for it here:

You will need the following information:
Club: Wapiti Nordic
Club Official: Grant Bourree
Coach Name: Claire Richter
Coach Level: T2T 
Coach NCCP #: 636201

ALL ATHLETES NEED DAY LICENCES FOR FRIDAY (purchased that day by family- please have cash for this) SATURDAY & SUNDAY (purchased online with registration)= $7.50/day. If you're athlete is 2004 or younger- you do not need to worry about a license but when registering you will need a day license- $7.50/day of racing in Canmore. DO NOT pay the day license of $5- this is for older than 2004 athletes only. 

While in Canmore- I can be reached by cell phone. Also- car pooling- who needs a ride and who has room for others to come with them? Let's try and be a bit economical with our vehicles. Please email me how you/your athlete are getting down to Canmore- I have 2 that need a ride as of right now.

Tuesday- Meet at the lodge for 5pm. Training times will change next week. We will go for a ski on rock skis for a bit and then start waxing our skis for Canmore. Rex Blue with a top wax (TBD). I will have wax at the lodge for 5pm. As the lodge isn't opened as of yet- you will have to wait for me to get there which is usually 4:55. Supper will be provided but let's be quick as we can so that we can all get a good night sleep. Claire and Mallory will be switching off between waxing inside and on snow outside.  

Please remember that we HAVE been training and although the first few times on skis feels like you're the most out of shape that you've ever been- this really isn't the case and all the courses are nice and short so don't worry too much about these races- basically you're giving your bodies a crash course on remembering how to ski… on race day- so let's focus on having fun out there and getting as much time as we can on snow!

Thursday- Driving to Canmore; aim for a 30min jog this day please.

Friday- Meet at the main Lodge in Canmore for 1:00pm having eaten and ready to ski. We will hit the trails and go over the courses as best as we can… recognizing that there will be lots of other athletes out on course as well. 

Saturday- Skate- individual starts; Team dinner- it's been booked and details to come on time and place.

Sunday- Classic- mass start. Safe travels home.

*Thursday for Junior skiers there WILL NOT be a practice for those who aren't coming down to Canmore.