Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 19-January 1, 2017.

Congratulations to all the athletes who raced in Hinton! What a great weekend of racing and athleticism by all of you athletes!! I'm so proud of you all! Thank you to all the parents too who helped out with various jobs- each one of you helped to make sure that everyone made their starts and raced really well. Thank you!!!

For the next two weeks, I thought it would be easier if I posted the blog for the next two weeks so everyone can plan ahead.

6PAC races have come up in conversation a few times- we cannot have a race until we get more snow. Perhaps a 6PAC can happen on New Years Day- however, I cannot predict when we will have snow- so keep your snow dances happening please!!!

Tuesday- Dec 20- Skate ski. Bring your headlamps please- I will leave you in the lodge this week if you don't show up prepared- Everyone needs one!

Thursday- Dec 22- Christmas party!! Athletes to bring something for food. Appies, snacks, desserts- nothing fancy and store bought preferred! Bring a $10 item wrapped and ready to give out- Junior Team included!

Saturday- Dec 24- No practice enjoy time with your families and Merry Christmas

Sunday- Dec 25- No practice. Merry Christmas.

Tuesday- Dec 27- I know you're all off of school but I'm working- so training times stay the same. Come prepared for both techniques- If it's colder than -12 we will classic, otherwise we will skate. I will update the blog on Monday most likely.

Thursday- Dec 29- Come prepared for both techniques again. Headlamps!!

Saturday- Dec 31- 10-12 practice. Classic- we need some daylight technique time!!

Sunday- Jan 1- No practice- there still isn't enough snow, nor time to prep if it does snow between now and then. :(  Please go for a ski with your families! Happy New Year.

Merry Christmas everyone! Love and peace to you all during this wondering time of the year.