Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 23-29, 2017.

Great job on training this week!

If you weren't at the 6pac today you missed out on a valuable lesson… sprint racing requires a very high, quick tempo, which those who raced today were able to execute beautifully due to the tedious metronome training that I've been putting you guys through. Although some of you were feeling very disheartened with the training and not being able to keep up to the ticks- today it paid off and I'm super proud!! The rest of you can show off in Red Deer next weekend! :) 

*I have a few orphans requiring a ride down Friday morning- if you have room please email Claire

Tuesday: Classic- will be more training on sprint racing and fighting for your spot… and starts. We will be in the stadium for most of practice.

Thursday: Skate- some hill technique and one skate and you guys are ready for Red Deer! Practice is over at 6:15 and waxing skis from here on in plus team dinner.

Red Deer Preparation: 

  • Please wax both sets of skis with rex blue. If you're a midget or younger you will wax your skis with LF7 on top of this. Please make sure that your grip zones are clean and the sides of your skis as well. If you're a juvenile and older just Rex Blue please. Older athletes this may change- so please double check with me on Thursday. 
  • Juniors- parents please wax skis while the team is out practicing- this will help with the congestion. 
  • Senior team- please plan to wax your classic skis Tuesday evening to help with the congestion as well. I plan on ending practice a bit early to accommodate this. If you don't finish them- you can finish them BEFORE practice starts on Thursday. Please plan ahead and come prepared. 
  • Supper Plan- check HERE to see what you're supposed to be bringing/sign-up to inform the team what you're bringing. There are quite a few families who haven't put their names down yet- please do so. 
  • Registration closes Wednesday, at midnight now. 
  • Red Deer race notice is up and online: AB Cup 5/6 and then register yourself here: Registration.
  • There are no waxing facilities here and we will be outdoors in the parking lot. Please help us by ensuring that your skis are cleaned properly and waxed to the blog specifics- this helps immensely.
Friday: Meet at Riverbend Golf course to ski your course(s)- skate skiing at 2pm. You are on your own for supper this evening. I will send out a group text to those who are attending the race around 8:30pm with details regarding times to come on Saturday. With classic races I say 2 hours before as this gives me ample time to get the kid's wax done to their requests. 

Saturday: Wax will be tricky if the weather is going to be as warm as they're predicting so as many parents who can help will be very welcomed. Also, if you have a heat gun- this too will be welcome. Sprint racing requires everyone to pay attention to results and times as well and I will need parents to ensure that their athletes get to the start line 2-4 times during the day, on time. If wax is changing, I will be busy waxing and not watching or cheering- these days are fun but always a bit hectic. Chocolate milk needs to be consumed after the qualifiers and then after they're finally done racing (whenever this is). In between qualifiers and racing, athletes need to be resting and keeping warm. Parents- please ensure this happens.

Team supper- To Be Determined. I'll let you know when I do.

Sunday: Skate racing- distance, please show 1.5 hours prior to race start.

Junior Team

Please read all the notes above! If you're not racing in Red Deer- no worries- see you Thursday and plan to be off snow and picked up for 6:15! See you then.