Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Week of September 25-October 1, 2017

It's officially training time!! None of this easy stuff from here on in!!! Muahahahahahahahahahah

Actually, looking that the fitness test results so far and Thursday's Thrill hill workout- you're where I need you to be, so super awesome work crew! Remember Tuesday & Thursday is 5-6pm; Saturday is 10-12 for senior team.

Rain or shine, we're working out. Saturday I'm aiming to be roller skiing for as many Saturday's as we can- so please come with all ski gear and runners for just in case. Helmets are mandatory!!

Tuesday- Coach Caroline reminded me that she's not here today- which explains why I planned the workout I did plan and I'm excited!!! Is that a good sign for the athlete when the coach is excited?? Hmmmmm….. It's one of my favourite, as I get eyes on you the whole time and bring water!! Lots of it- you tend to need it for this workout. Also, juniors- you too are doing this workout- so wearing proper running shoes, bring water and snack for after practice is important.

Thursday- Meet at the ski lodge. Bring water and
                 water bottle holders…<--- subtle hey? :) = we're on the move.
Juniors, you too- it's important to not forget those!

Satuday- We will aim to roller ski. Bring runners for the warmup and if it's raining- bring a rain jacket and dress with lots of layers. The mornings are getting colder- so bring toque, gloves, buff… the usual gear. As the temperature changes we need to change with it, or we get sick… let's avoid that please!

I'm looking forward to this week! See you all soon!!!!