Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 16-22, 2017.

Hello crew!  Winter is well on it's way and I'm excited to see some snow soon!! A few years ago we were skiing by the 21st… fingers crossed!!

This week come prepared for running, working on strength and working hard. Bring water bottles WITH holders please. 

A HUGE shout out to Lori Brough for spearheading the Fast and Female event we had on Sunday! Loved seeing most of you girls out there and the energy and willingness to help new kids out- made me so proud. You're all awesome ambassadors and I thank you all for being so super! No, this doesn't mean this week I'll go easy on you!!! :D

Tuesday: Meet at Muskoseepi Pavilion.

Thursday: Meet at the ski lodge.

Saturday: Meet at the Bertozzi's house- Dunes road- from Highway 40- turn left instead of right into the ski lodge. When you get to the stop sign. Go straight and turn right on your 4th right into the little winding driveway. Please don't be late- we have lots to accomplish and WEAR BRIGHT CLOTHES! Also, bring a snack and short poles. We are done roller skiing for the season now- so please keep skiing on your own if you have a pair, or, if you think you won't go out anymore on them- please return to them to Claire.


Participate in the Wolves race at the ski trails:

Have fun!! Be at one or the other please and just let me know at practice if you’re racing or training.