Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 30-November 5, 2017

Snow is in the forecast- this sadly doesn't mean that we're skiing yet. :( BUT we're getting close. Try to get all your gear ready for when we do have snow please. This makes the first few days on snow less chaotic!!

Please return all roller skis to Claire by Thursday practice!!

Tuesday- meet at Muskoseepi. Please remember that practice will be from 5-6pm for everyone. Please plan accordingly for this. It's rest week so we're working out, just not quite as hard and as long.

Thursday- Meet at the lodge and bring water bottles. Regular practice times. And dress warmly- it'll be chilly!!

Saturday- Meet at the dunes parking lot between 10-12 for a running workout with SKI POLES. Apparently, just because we're a ski team- poles seem to be merely optional? Be prepared for mud and ice- it's supposed to be -10oC, please dress properly! :D Winter is coming!!!!