Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 13-19, 2017

We have snow and so we're skiing. There should be enough snow to not rely on the Revolutions now. Please show up on time and with time to spare to get onto snow on time. There are lots of stragglers and it's hard to get everyone going with limited time

TIME CHANGE: 5:45-7:15pm this week and for the rest of the season. Saturday is still 10-12. 

For those athletes Juvenile or older please don't forget to register with CCC to get your racing license. Click HERE to get that done. This is for those athletes racing at any of the Alberta Cup Races who are born in 2003 or are older. My coaching info is on the right side of this blog.

Please remember to bring: water bottle holder and water bottle, headlamps and warm clothes. Also plan for both techniques, with the amount of snow that we're supposed to get this week, we may be able to classic ski.

Tuesday: Skate practice-I will need as many coaches as available for this week and next please- the more the merrier!! :) For some of you who are ready, there will be intervals; for others there will be technique and strength building still. So be prepared to be split into different groups when you get to practice.

Thursday: Similar to Tuesday- maybe different technique if there's a track. Yet to be determined.

Saturday: Bring both sets of skis/boots etc- we may break it up over both techniques. Bring a snack and don't forget your water bottles.

Canmore is 2 weeks away- I will be asking Mary-Ann to send out an invitation for families to bring food for the waxing/prep evening before going to Canmore (this will be Tuesday Nov 28) those of you not racing are welcome to help others pack their gear or to head home early as practice will be ending early this evening. Please also respond on TeamSnap- if you're coming or not- DO NOT ASSUME THAT I KNOW YOUR INTENTIONS!!