Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 27- December 3, 2017.

For those racing in Canmore- REGISTER!!! Registration closes on Wednesday. I sent an email to everyone last week with the info.

Well done today on the race everyone!! Thank you to ALL the parents who were involved in pulling it off. Please make sure you thank your parents, athletes!!!

Juvenile and older athletes require a CCC racing license- 2003 and older. Please go to the CCC website and register for one. My coaching number is on the side of this blog.

Tuesday: We will classic. Practice will be cut short and for those who are going to Canmore, we will be waxing from 6:30 onwards- classic and skate- Rex blue or CH6. This will be provided by Claire.

Supper will be provided to those waxing up a storm. For those who are coming out to practice but not racing- please feel free to help out with waxing.

Friday: Meet at the Canmore Lodge for 1:30pm. Usually first one there secures a spot in the lodge for us and our gear. The kids will ski their courses with a coach or two- skate, and then return their skis to the wax room so that they can be prepped for the next days.

Saturday: Show up 1.5 hours prior to your race (post on zone4 around 1930hrs) to ensure you have enough time to warm up etc. Please see the media section in Teamsnap for race prep forms.

Sunday: Show up 2 hours prior to your race to ensure your wax is good and that you can get up and around your race course and warm up adequately.

Any questions or concerns- please text or call Claire: 780-933-0853