Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 8-14, 2018.

My apologies on the blog coming out late. I was busy with Alberta Winter Games stuff and realized today that it just didn't get done…

Congratulations to you all for trying out with the Alberta Winter Games!! Those of you in "fill" spots- we will hopefully hear in a few weeks if we are granted any extra spots- keep your fingers and skis crossed for this!! :D

Those attending Red Deer- Westerns/Arctic Winter Games Tryouts

Registration is cheaper until the 12 of January (technically this is called regular registration; late registration is until the 16th of January). After which, it becomes more expensive- so click here and register- type in Westerns and it will come up. Coaches please register also. If you're unsure if your athlete has a team for the relay but you want them to race- please register them and if we don't have a team from Wapiti they will be placed on another team.
RBC Training Grounds- Is returning to GP this time with Cross Country Skiing in mind among other sports NOT highlighted in last year's event. IF you are interested- please see this website- and register. They have pre-trainigng available as well, it's another amazing opportunity to be exposed to other coaching, leadership and events! The actual event itself is set for January 27 at the Crosslink Centre. I really encourage athletes 14+ older to give this a shot!

Tuesday- Classic- Meet in the lodge before practice

Thursday- Classic- we share the lodge with Chicks- please use the back 2 tables and the floor space at the back ONLY! Junior Temperature cutoff in effect for 4pm. IF it is -20c or colder there will be no ski practice for the juniors. Seniors- dress warmly! :D

Thursday: Practice is cancelled. I will be at the Eastlink centre from 5:30-6:30 instead. 

  • As I'm not allowed to coach on the track- you're on your own to train. $2 for the track 
  • I'll be around and will have a paper copy with me as well and I'll yell at you a few times. :)
  • Start with a 15min running laps warmup; then(time yourself for this section) 4 zone 3 laps; 1 zone 4 lap; 2 zone 3 laps and 1 zone 1 lap. After this- I recommend doing 50 sit-ups; 50 pushups; 50 jumping jacks; 50 sit and reach abs; 50 super mans. Then check your time and repeat the above: 4 zone 3 laps; 1 zone 4 lap; 2 zone 3 laps and 1 zone 1 lap. Repeat the exercises… see if you can fit three of these sessions in! Then a 15 min zone 1 cool down run.  

Saturday- Meet in the timing tower- Skate technique 10-12. IF YOU WANT A HOTDOG- bring money and let me know so that they can put more on for us!!

Sunday- Sprint Races with the Wapiti Challenge Series. Registration closes at 1:30pm.    
           POSTPONED until Feb 11.