Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 12- March 17, 2018.

This is our last week of official training with the whole team! Where has the time gone?! Each season goes by faster than the previous one! Just a reminder that the wind-up is on April 21 and will be a sleepover at the lodge.

Tuesday- For this practice come prepared with your warm-up for a distance race written out please. I don't need the whole race plan, just your warm-up. That's everyone. We will be skating. I will be meeting parents at the beginning of this practice- please make sure your parent(s) are aware of this meeting. 5:30-6:15. If you have time to prepare your classic skis- wax them with Rex Blue please and DO NOT scrape them.

Thursday- We will be skating as well. A short ski and then waxing skate skis with Rex Blue as well. No scraping. Supper will be at the lodge. AWG athletes will receive their uniforms and this is a mandatory practice for those attending the games.

Saturday- There is NO practice. Coaches were busy this day.

There will be one more blog updated on March 16th for those of you who will be staying.