Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 17-March 27th, 2018.

This will be my last post for this season!

While part of the team is away for the Arctic Winter Games, those of you staying behind aren't going to be forgotten!!

Saturday: March 17- there is NO practice.

Tuesday: March 20th- come with both sets of skis. It's melting quickly this week and is quite mushy. And it's just getting warmer. Sometimes, classic on fish scale skis is easiest. Coach Caroline and Coach John will be leading practice this evening.

Thursday: March 22nd- Same as Tuesday- just maybe come with your swimsuits for a swimsuit ski! It's going to be warm!!

Saturday: March 24th- a longer ski. Again, please come prepared for both techniques. It's hard to say this early in the snow melt, how mushy it's going to be. Please bring water bottles.

Tuesday: March 27th- our last ski practice as a team. Get some spring skiing in otherwise if you can. This practice will be those returning from the games and those who have been skiing in their shorts! Praobably the use of rock skis will be needed here. Please unpack your gear and leave the furnace room clean and proper. If things can be moved down to the dungeon or into the small storage room that would be helpful.

Team Wind-up- reminder: We will be having a sleepover in the lodge on the 21st of April. Details will come in an email format mid april! Thanks for a great season and for everyone support for yet another very successful year. This year really wouldn't have been as great without the help of all of the volunteer coaches, the parents and you, the athlete and your dedication. It's been a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to next season!