Pre Training Health Assessment Form

Nov 26 to Dec 2

Congratulations everyone on racing this weekend, missed those of you not there and I enjoyed racing with all of you as well (this is Zoe).  As the weather looks tempurmental, please be prepared for both techniques this week.

*** fund raising forms for M&M food orders must be in by to Liz by December the fourth. ***

Reminder: The lodge is now open to the public. 9-9 Monday to Thursday; 9-5 Fri-Sun.

All athletes please help to unpack the Armstrong’s truck before practice. My goal is classic distance, please don’t forget water bottle and holders along with headlamps.

If we get rain then we will for sure be skating and if the weather proceeds to hold off we will be classicinf.

Please bring an electronic device with the metronome app downloaded on it, weather pending and technique TBD.