Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 12-18, 2018.

I'm not sure where time is going- but all I know is that next week we're preparing for our first provincial races!! WOW!

This week:

Tuesday: Come prepared for both techniques. My goal is classic skiing (but I'm not sure if that's realistic with the loss of snow last week). 5:45 on snow. We will do our best with classic and then may go onto skate skis if it's really disastrous. :D

Wednesday: Non-required parent meeting discussing the major concerns that parents have, Board Members Lori (finances) and Doris (history) will be there to clarify any concerns or questions that parents have. 6:30 at 68Ave Starbucks- Mission Heights.

Thursday: Skate Practice- judging by the weather... and let's hope it doesn't rain on Wednesday! 5:45 on snow please.

Saturday: Come with your skis ready for both techniques. I would like to be able to classic ski but it will depend on if that snow comes or not on Thursday and Friday as planned by the weather-people. :S

Sunday: Ski club open house from 1-4pm this is a great place to come and get your memberships at a discount!! Also Ernie's is usually set up and will give you your discount as well. It was also brought forwards that perhaps we should be having our first 6PAC race this day? I'm open to discussion on this. I'm also a little sad that there's rain in the forecast as I'm not sure how the trails will hold up, but there's also snow!! Maybe a discussion point at our parent meeting? If there is a 6PAC, I will update the blog.

6PAC info:
Race starts at 2pm; registration is from 1-1:30pm and you wax your own skis. Distances will vary and so will the technique.