Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 5-11, 2018

If you have any roller skis- please return them to Claire ASAP!

We're skiing this week!!! How great is that!? 

Practice Times are changing this week and we're now at the lodge for all of our practices. 

Tuesday and Thursday: 5:45-7:15pm

With practices now at the lodge- we start later to ensure everyone can get on their gear and be ready to start skiing at 5:45. I find that people tend to think of this as 45 more minutes at home and then come to practice late... this 45 minutes is suggested to be used to give you enough time to:
  • Drive safely out to the ski lodge as the roads are covered in snow now and road conditions vary from day to day.
  • Prepare your skis for practice (for those of you new to the team, we will teach you this). 
  • Prepare yourself for practice- fill your water bottle, ensure you have the proper gear and clothing on.
  • Be on skis for 5:45.

Typically with the start of skiing- I will try to update the blog as to what technique to expect- as this is winter, unreliable weather, changes in snow condition, changes in grooming and basically every un-preparable situation occurs- I ask athletes to come prepared for both techniques- for just in case scenarios which generally occur 4-5x/season. 

This week, we will be skate skiing and getting used to being on skis. I do have 9 pairs of Revolution skis for those who have SNS bindings. For those of you with Pro-link or NNN bindings- you will be out on your new equipment as unfortunately I don't have any "rock skis" for you to match your boots. Typically, this shoulder season is short lived and we're on our racing equipment within a few short practices. Athletes, I ask you to be mindful of where you are skiing and putting on your skis, so as not to damage the bases. 

We will be meeting in the Cross Country Stadium. Please be aware that the lodge will not be open yet. I have not heard when it will be.

Saturday: 10-12pm at the lodge. Please bring both sets of skis for this practice and running shoes & short poles for backup.

Am super excited!!! The ski season has started!! Yeeehaw!