Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 17-December 25, 2018.

Great work to those of you who showed up to Saturday's practice- it was a doozey, but you persevered and I'm thrilled for you to know that your hard work will pay off in the coming weeks. :D

  • Just a heads up- Prince George may be cancelled, due to winter forgetting to show up this season... I will know on the 24th and will then do a new blog posting for the week to come, instead of my usual 2 week holiday posting. 

Tuesday: Classic Practice. Bring your headlamps and water bottles.

Thursday: Leave your skis behind (I know I said in my previous posting that we would do a short ski- Chicks are also hosting their party after us...) and it's Christmas Party Time! It's the main event of the year... 
    1. Dress in an ugly sweater or at least vaguely Christmassy... even if you wear your ski toque... at least it's wintry.
    2. Bring some home baked goodies- whatever you bring label if it's got peanuts or gluten or dairy in it. All my stuff has sugar in it! :D
    3. If you can, bring a Chinese gift exchange item of a max value of $10- wrap it up good.
    4. Bring on the holiday spirit and expect to be picked up no later than 7:45 or we will be crashing the Chicks party!!

Saturday: Skate Practice. Bring water and a snack. We're going on an adventure!

Sunday: Yup- in lieu of taking a day off for Christmas (GASP!! I know!) we will have practice on Sunday- 1-3pm. Be prepared for both techniques- I'm not sure what we will be doing for certain.