Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 31- January 6, 2019.

Note the changes to Sunday!!

Happy New Year!!!

Sadly we've had a few cancelled events this season- but not in 2019!! (fingers crossed anyway) New Year = a time to make a few changes! Thank you all for your flexibility to Saturday's practice! What a great space and you all worked hard. The new year starts us into phase 3 of the training cycle that I've planned. Phase 3 means less focus on technique (you've all got it nailed for now) and more focus on speed and distance. Training will encompass always moving- no stopping for breaks, unless it's to wait for me, because I told you guys too!! The Annual New Year's Day event is back at the Ski Club! It's a bit different this year, which makes it all the more fun. See details below. We have a race coming up in a few weeks in Canmore. Please make sure you register for this if you're planning on attending. Check the files in TeamSnap for details on hotels etc. 

Tuesday: New Year's Day Resolution Fun Ski event- great to do with your whole family!

The event: A 5km loop - ski as many laps as you can, in 90 minutes - a family friendly event - challenge
your parents to come out and enjoy themselves too!!
Registration: in person 1-1:30pm; Event start: 2pm
Fee: $10 per person (cash only please)
Medals: Finishing medals for everyone and placing medals for the top 3 overall finishers.
Ski Technique: your choice, classic and/or skate
After: Hot Chocolate Bar (we are rather well known for putting out the best hot chocolate fixings)
<Coconut milk based option available for our dairy free registrants> 

Thursday: Regular, plain old practice! :D Holiday's are over... duh duh dah... come prepared to work hard and bring your water bottle, holder and headlamp and a watch if you have one! Classic- we're getting a lot of snow, so let's use it!! Woohoo!!

Saturday: I'm hoping for a skate day- but bring your classic skis in case we have too much snow to manage for the groomers (fingers crossed). BRING A SNACK!! You're going to need the energy. I hope I made that noticeable enough. (insert eye roll emoji here).


Classic Wapiti Nordic Race: Put on by the ski club

Start at 2 pm.

Registration, $5/person, closes at 1:30 pm

Individual start, classic.  Distances: 1 km, 2.5 km, 5 km, 7.5 km (Poplar Loop)

Chief of Competition:  North.