Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 25-March 2, 2019

MARCH!!!! Where has the time gone?! Athletes are planning our team wind-up party (set for April 6th, 2019) and I'm still trying to figure out how to get more skiing done-even though nature has thrown us into the deepfreeze again!!

A HUGE THANK YOU to all the Race Team for your work with the Jackrabbits Saturday!! WOW was that ever amazing!! Watching our uniform mingling with all the little kids and their faces and awe at you guys!! I was SO proud of you all and how you made each of those little kids feel. They know you guys are superstars and so do I! So thank you, and thank you from all of the parents who came up to me afterwards to thank you!! 

FORT ST. JOHN: I will have a registration form at practice this week for Race Team members to sign-up. The format has changed (1 jackrabbit to 2 race team members) and I will be making up the teams and registering you. If you are interested in racing the relay event in FSJ- please bring $10 with you and let me know if you have room in your vehicle for other athletes. I'd love to carpool as much as possible and skis will be waxed the Thursday before.
         Rough details: leave GP at 9:30am; arrive around 12 for lunch. Leave FSJ
                at 12:45 to Beatton Provincial Park and arrive for 1:15pm. Grab your
                pre-waxed skate skis and go warmup. Bibs will be collected by parents
                or drivers and race start is 2:30pm. Awards post race, leave for GP
                around 4/4:30pm; home by 7pm.

Tuesday: Classic- dress warmly- as soon as the sun disappears it gets COLD!!

Thursday: Skate- dress warmly- we will be doing some technique work and relay prep.

Saturday: Track attack athletes will be joining us. This will be a classic-ski day. We will be doing some technique work but also some skiing. Bring your water bottles and be prepared to not return to the lodge.