Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 25-31, 2019.

We're going to do this!!! 

There's enough snow to ski on for sure for Tuesday... and for Thursday- and well, I'm not a gambling gal but I'm pretty sure we can still ski on Saturday- as long as we take off our skis for longer stretches. :D Update: Saturday is cancelled. :(


Skate skiing and training will be at the usual time as I'm working and can't get out to the trails any sooner. Saturday is definitely TBD ... Please make sure you check your emails as there will be an email coming out regarding spring/summer training that is available to everyone on the race team (juniors can wait a few years) if you can fit it into your schedules.

Reminder 1: Parent planning meeting on April 14: 1-4pm at the lodge. Please come and add your opinion and experience to the list of changes we can make for next year, WNSC board members will also be present to help us through this process.

Reminder 2: Team wind-up party is April 6th. Starting at the lodge for 4:30. Charlie has offered to supply the pizzas (Thank you Charlie!!) for the team and so we will be having a potluck desserts, snacks (yes fruit is welcome) and drinks AND breakfast. (this is somehow always forgotten)

  • Juniors will be welcome with a pickup for 9:30pm
  • Sleepover for the race team- bring pillow, bedding and toothbrushes
  • Change of shoes as feet will get wet
  • Pictures (from the past three years) and scrapbooking bits for decoration!
  • Headlamps
  • Dark clothing for man-tracker
  • We will be using the firepit after man-tracker so smores supplies is welcome
  • Werewolf and games will be played
  • Pick-up for 10:00/10:30 on Sunday.