Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 8-15, 2019.

Second week in and I forgot to update the blog!!! :O

My sincere apologies and thank you everyone for joining us today for the parent meeting! For the remainder of this week....

Thursday- Meet at Muskoseepi Pavilion- 5pm-6:30pm- runners and water bottles please!

Saturday- We are meeting at the County- correction line (turn East at the last set of lights on your way out to the ski club) and about 1km there is a parking lot on the south side of the road. This parking lot is directly across where the road to the dump (Aquaterra Road) comes out onto the correction line.

There will be a few separate groups for this workout so please pay attention:

1. If you have roller skied before: and have skate ski boots (SNS binding) or classic boots (NNN/Prolink) and ski poles, please bring your helmet and dress in bright colours. Don't forget runners and water bottles also.

2. If you own roller blades and are comfortable using them, please bring them. You will need to wear a helmet and bring a water bottle and runners. If you have ski poles- bring your tallest pair please. Dress in bright clothes.

3. If you own ski boots (classic or skate, SNS or Prolink/NNN) and have ski poles, bring them with a helmet and your runners. Dress in bright clothes.

4. If you don't fit into any of these categories, please wear runners, bring a bike if you have one, your helmet, a water bottle and wear bright clothing.

See you on the trails!! :)