Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 28- November 3

Wow! We're already 2 months in and the snow is coming!! (Keep up the snow dance guys!!) Thank you to coaches Caroline, Shannon and Theresa for covering me while I was away for work!!

This is our last week of build- which means is a heavy week (aka: more difficult)- but you're all ready for it- so BRING IT! :D
PLEASE NOTE: This is our last week before the time change. Next week we will be meeting at different locations for training- please ensure you read the blog for these changes. 

Practice times will change but not until we are skiing consistently!
Tuesday: Meet at Muskoseepi- come dressed appropriately for the weather please and don't forget those water bottles.

Thursday: REMINDER: Team uniform orders are due!! Meet at Muskoseepi- same deal as Tuesday. PRACTICE WILL END 15min EARLY.

Saturday: Meet at the 3-way stop on the Dunes Golf Course road- closest entry by ski trails. Bring runners and water bottles!