Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 24- March 1, 2020.

How is this already the last week of February?!? Time is flying!! What a GREAT weekend of racing everyone (biathletes included) - there were so many compliments of kindness, support and friendliness that we received when on the road, it makes my heart swell with pride!! Thank you to all you parents who helped out, we wouldn’t be doing this without you all!

Tuesday: Classic Skiing- bring a headlamp for this practice!

Thursday: Skate Skiing- bring your ‘A’ game!! :D And a headlamp!!
     *Those of you attending the training camp in Athabasca (Arctic Winter Games team and alternates) we will be packing up your skis into Claire’s vehicle. Please have your classic skis cleaned off from grip wax.

Friday: Those of you attending the training camp in Athabasca we will be leaving in 2 groups. 1 group (boys) will be leaving in Eva Hutchinson’s van (details to be confirmed). Claire will be traveling with the girls in her car & leaving from the front doors of Mackenzie Place (QEII hospital) at 2:30. Please pack for a weekend of skiing (lots of warm, clean ski clothes), 2 lunches, money for 2 on the road meal stops for suppers and snacks. We should be home by 8:30 on Sunday.

Saturday: practice is cancelled as all coaches are away. Athletes are more than welcome to help out with Jackrabbits- please contact coach Daniel ( to let him know your availability!

SUNDAY: The last wapiti Challenge of the Season!! Dipper to Dog- see your emails please for full details! Skate skiing- and it'll be fun!