Pre Training Health Assessment Form

September 21-28, 2020

Wow!! Well done everyone on the quickest cleanup/fundraiser yet!! Thank you to everyone who turned out to pick up garbage and keep our highways clean! 1.5 hours is definitely a record! :D

Tuesday: Juniors will be training with the Seniors at Muskoseepi, except for the warm-up and will be still done at 6. The rest of you will be done at 6:30. :)

Thursday: Meet at the Ski Lodge on the deck. We will not be going inside so dress appropriately for the weather. JUNIORS: bring your bike and helmets!

Saturday: Meet at Evergreen Park in front of the Tech Centre- except I think that it's called the Tara Centre now? 10-12 for everyone. Juniors, please bring a snack, wear bright clothing, water bottle in a holder and your bikes. Seniors- come ready to roller ski. Seniors, please bring both sets of boots and poles, helmets, water bottles, skis if you have any and bright clothing. We have technique work to do and we will be splitting between classic and skate. For those of you who have roller blades, bring them, but also bring your ski boots and poles and be ready to work. 

Parents (and athletes), here is the link to the movie I was thinking of facilitating with the senior race team: please watch this and let me know if you have any concerns. We will be showing it one day during practice time, if there are no objections. The trailer is midway down the homepage- I would show the first one, then if there's a lot of interest I would then show the Next Chapter. Thank you.