Pre Training Health Assessment Form

October 24-November 1st, 2020.

As our COVID-19 numbers continue to increase in Grande Prairie and numbers in schools as well, it's really important that we stay on top of things. I realized that Mika and I forgot to fill in the questionnaire last Saturday practice and so therefore should have been sent home. PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FILL IN THE FORM DAILY before practices! I will try to remain vigilant in reminding my family as well- my apologies team!

This week the weather is warming up and so we won't be on snow just yet. Biathletes have been on snow this weekend as they got the ski-doos out a bit. If you have rock skis- then feel free to skip practice and go ski! As long as it's seriously, to go ski!! :)

Tuesday: Muskoseepi Park- be prepared to be running, and bring your short poles please. Juniors too- bring poles.

Thursday: South Bear Creek- far south parking lot- nearest the metal bridge. Bring poles- seniors; juniors bring your bikes! 

Saturday: I think we will be roller skiing... so I'm hopeful to meet out at Maple Ridge Estates EVERGREEN PARK again. EVERYONE on the senior team- bring your ski boots, helmets, poles and gear. Juniors bring your bikes. IF this changes- I will be sending out a TeamSnap. *As it's Halloween- IF you have a costume to wear, that is safe to ski/bike in, please feel free to wear it. No face covering masks as we need to see where we're biking/running/roller skiing. :)