Pre Training Health Assessment Form

November 30- December 6, 2020


With the new COVID restrictions in place, I suggest if you don't need to be in the lodge at all, let's just stay outside. The lodge is open to the public and open for us to use for safety purposes. Parents, please keep cleaning the lodge though- it really helps the lodge out. As I need to add in more info to the blog now, I'm positive that I have left important information out. I will be updating what I've forgotten throughout the week- it will be in RED- added to each day, as I need to make changes. 

Meeting spots need to be clarified first. Each day, you will need to meet where the blog tells you to go. Each number is that group number. You will also finish your practices at this same place.  

  1. Meet by the moose (entrance to forest trails)
  2. Meet where candy cane lane exits into the stadium
  3. Meet by the timing tower
  4. Meet at the end of the stadium towards Biathlon
  5. Meet in the stadium in the middle
Tuesday: Classic skiing. Each group will be going for a group ski, a quick zone 1 pace, but will be switching out with me as we work on uphill technique. I will be standing midway up the longest hill on Clawridge (just past where the aspens break off).

Group 1: Coach Nathan, Aiden, Seamus, Liam, Makena, Ella & Johanna
Group 2: Coach Theresa, Lauren, Miriam, Sara, Mika, Aaron, Jameson & Corwin
Group 3: Coach Shannon, Adam, Signey, Kaitlynn, Lara & Nigel
Group 4: Coach Claire, Colson, Troy, Adelaide, Genevieve, Will
Group 5: Coach Caroline, Juniors with Coach Doris

Each Group (excluding the juniors) will go out for a ski and find Claire on Clawridge at their various times. Coaches, you will leave your team with Claire and take the previous team with you on a ski, returning to the lodge for 7:15. 
    Group 1 at 6:55
    Group 2 at 6:35
    Group 3 at 6:15
    Group 4 at 5:50

Thursday: Skate Skiing. We are going to go ahead with the race this coming weekend- of sorts. As we need to maintain groups of 10 or less- we will have different start times for each distance. I had wanted to use zone4 for this event- but unfortunately that won't work. There will be no bibs, just start times.  Athletes are in charge of waxing their own skis and being at the start of their race on time. We will be discussing the routes at practice, you will ski your course at least once in zone 3-4 and we will do some start work in the stadium and then review race prep with you. As we need to keep distances from each other- each coach will ski over the course with each of the athletes, do some race prep and then review starts and racing techniques. Coach Nathan and Coach Shannon's groups are meeting in the parking lot to discuss race prep- at 5:45. Coach Theresa and Coach Claire's groups will work on race starts and race technique at 5:45. THEN these two groups will switch. Once these are done, then each group will ski over their courses. Juniors- you will meet in your usual spot and go over your race course with coaches Caribou and Doris. 

     U18/U20: women- 5km; men- 5km
     U16: 5km
     U14: 3km
     U12: 2km
     U10: 2km
     U8: 1km

Group 1: Coach Nathan, Adam, Seamus, Nigel, Liam, Aaron, Aiden, Corwin, Jameson (meet at the end of the ramp, in the parking lot)
Group 2: Coach Claire, Mika, Will, Kaitlynn, Genevieve, Miriam (Meet where candy cane lane exits into the stadium)
Group 3: Coach Shannon, Signey, Makena, Lara, Sara, Ella, Johanna (meet at the top of the hill, in the parking lot)
Group 4: Coach Theresa, Lauren, Troy, Colson, Darion (Meet at the end of the stadium towards Biathlon)
Group 5: Coach Caroline, Coach Doris, Winnie, Heidi, Lena, Ethan, Wes (Meet in the stadium in the middle)

Saturday: Classic Race. 30 second interval starts- as you will be waxing your skis before the race and I aways suggest being at a race 1.5-2 hours in advance of your prep- please plan accordingly. You are also in charge of your warm-up. 5km starts will begin at 10:00; 3km starts will begin at 10:20; 2km starts will begin at 10:45 and 1km starts will begin at 11:00. Athletes will be expected to do a cool down ski (3-6km) after their race and drink their chocolate milk for a good recovery. Specific start lists will be emailed out and posted on the blog on Friday. 

Coach Nathan and Claire will run the race and time, Coaches Shannon, Theresa, Caroline and Doris will be helping with any prep that athletes may have. Juniors you will warm up with your two coaches. Parents can ski around the courses and cheer- but no spectators please. 

*I highly recommend a nice 1hour+ ski on Sunday to ski out your racing legs. 

10:00:00 AMSeamus Ventic-Ricketts
10:00:30 AMLiam Tinworth
10:01:00 AMAiden Armstrong
10:01:30 AMJameson Nelson
10:02:00 AMCorwin Briere
10:02:30 AMAdam Hutchinson
10:03:00 AMAaron Hutchinson
10:03:30 AMMakena Pruden
10:04:00 AMElla Pruden
10:04:30 AMJohanna Redmond
10:05:00 AMSara Martin
10:05:30 AMSigney Fehr
10:06:00 AMLara Ball
10:06:30 AMAdelaide Bartel
Start TimeName
10:20:00 AMKaitlynn Briere
10:20:30 AMGenevieve Beekman
10:21:00 AMMika Richter
10:21:30 AMMiriam Lynch
10:22:00 AMWill Armstrong
Start TimeName
10:45:00 AMLauren Gaultier
10:45:30 AMTroy Martin
10:46:00 AMColson Udey
10:46:30 AMDarion Carrier
10:47:00 AMLena McNolte
Start TimeName
11:00:00 AMZach Nelson
11:00:30 AMWes Gaultier
11:01:00 AMEthan Martin
11:01:30 AMWinnie Udey
11:02:00 AMHeidi McNolte