Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 13th update

Just out from Nordiq Alberta · Thank you all for your patience over the weekend and adhering to the guidelines released early last week. Nordiq Alberta and Biathlon Alberta are aware that the wording on the Alberta Health website is open to varying interpretations and our messaging may cause some confusion. On that note, we would like to begin by saying that any communications released by our organizations are coming directly from Alberta Health and Alberta Sport, Physical Activity, and Recreation (SPAR). SPAR is our direct contact with the Provincial Government and Alberta Health and has been an invaluable resource for our organizations when it comes to clarifying and interpreting Public Health Guidance. We are not creating additional regulations nor are we interpreting Provincial Health Orders without consulting with our Government contacts. Following additional conversations throughout the day, Nordiq Alberta and Biathlon Alberta are pleased to confirm the following is permitted: 
    • Outdoor physical activity, including team sports, must be limited to 10 individuals or fewer 
         o Group/team/club training may continue 
    • Participants not part of the same household must maintain 2 meters of distance between one another at        
         all times 
    • While outdoor recreation is permitted, all facilities with indoor spaces except for washrooms must be        
    • We strongly suggest that no ridesharing or socialization before or after practice occur at this time 

We would like to thank you for understanding how rapidly Public Health Guidance may change and how additional information not readily available to the public informs our communication updates. We understand that the last set of communications may have caused confusion and would like to invite any interested members to join us on December 17th at 6:30pm for a Zoom meeting with SPAR, Nordiq Alberta, and Biathlon Alberta. Please click the link above to register. Let’s continue our work to keep our communities safe and healthy while enjoying the fresh air and snow. Happy trails, Nordiq Alberta _______________________________________________ 

Maybe we can start classic skiing by Thursday?? 

TUESDAY: skate skiing- I challenge everyone to get in the most km's possible. Also- please keep track of what you're doing as I'm going to look into registering our team for the wapiti nordic ski club challenge and I will need all the km's you are personally doing. So strat writing down what you did in the past two weeks- JUNIORS included!!! 
    Group 1: Coach Shannon, Adam, Signey, Kaitlynn, Lara & Nigel 
    Group 2: Coach Claire, Lauren, Miriam, Sara, Mika, Aaron, Jameson & Corwin 
    Group 3: Coach Nathan, Colson, Troy, Adelaide, Genevieve, Will 
    Group 4: Aiden, Seamus, Liam, Makena, Ella & Johanna 
    Group 5: Coach Caroline, Juniors with Coach Doris 

THURSDAY: If it's safe enough to classic- we will be out doing laps of the Forest Trails. This will all depend on how much snow actually comes down this week and how much Coach Doris and Crawford get done with grooming this week. I would suggest 1 km of zone 1; 1/2 km zone 3; 1/2km zone 1 (repeat all the way around) AND all uphills zone 4. 

NOW- skate- but loops around 1/2 moon and blue moon, with intervals starting at intersections (1. blue moon/ 1/2moon cutoff) (2. where 1/2 moon reaches the barbed wire fenceline and the sneaky trail from camel back hills pops out) (3. the top of the last hill on 1/2 moon to the top of the hill on blue moon). A few options anyway. 
    Group 1: Coach Claire, Adam, Signey, Kaitlynn, Lara & Nigel 
    Group 2: Coach Theresa, Lauren, Miriam, Sara, Mika, Aaron, Jameson & Corwin 
    Group 3: Coach Shannon, Colson, Troy, Adelaide, Genevieve, Will 
    Group 4: Coach Nathan, Aiden, Seamus, Liam, Makena, Ella & Johanna 
    Group 5: Coach Caroline, Juniors with Coach Doris 

SATURDAY: repeat Dec 12th's workout- ski where your team went this past Saturday- it sounds like most poeple got in 20ish km's each. SUPER AWESOME team!!! 

     Group 1. Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Mak, Ella and Johanna 
     Group 2: Nathan: Signey, Sara, Aaron and Genevieve, Jameson 
     Group 3: Claire: Corwin, Adam, Will, Mika and Lara 
     Group 4: Shannon: Nigel, Miriam, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Troy, Adelaide