Pre Training Health Assessment Form

December 7-13, 2020.

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*please remember to fill in the COVID health check prior to practice.

CONGRATULATIONS team on a fantastic day of racing on Saturday!!! WOW! I loved seeing everyone prep and how seriously you guys took it. I'm super proud of you all. Results were also emailed out. If you didn't get a copy- let me know and I'll get one out to you!!

A HUGE thank you everyone also, for keeping on top of the changes that happened on the blog last week!! Each week is a new journey of what we can do and how we can make changes. Keep checking in and if anything changes, I'll have it posted on the blog in RED

Meeting spots: Each day, you will need to meet where the blog tells you to go. Each number is that group number. You will also finish your practices at this same place. We really need to work on staying a part from each other. Please help us stay outside and with the team. 

  1. Meet by the moose (entrance to forest trails)
  2. Meet where candy cane lane exits into the stadium
  3. Meet by the timing tower
  4. Meet at the end of the stadium towards Biathlon
  5. Meet in the stadium in the middle


Tuesday: I've had to veer off of the original plan as I'm not sure how to keep us all separate and run a sprint race. So we'll do intervals instead... same-same really. :D Skate practice with technique and intervals. Each group will be going for a group ski, a quick zone 1 pace, but will be switching out with me as we work on uphill technique. I will be standing midway up the longest hill on Clawridge (where I was last week).

Group 1: Coach Nathan, Adam, Signey, Kaitlynn, Lara & Nigel
Group 2: Coach Theresa, Lauren, Miriam, Sara, Mika, Aaron, Jameson & Corwin
Group 3: Coach Shannon, Colson, Troy, Adelaide, Genevieve, Will
Group 4: Coach Claire, Aiden, Seamus, Liam, Makena, Ella & Johanna
Group 5: Coach Caroline, Juniors with Coach Doris

Each Group (excluding the juniors) will go out for a warm-up ski and find Claire on Clawridge at their various times. After your 15min warm-up- athletes will loops of Poplar (cut back around before going into the stadium). All uphill locations are to be zone 3/4. Coaches, I encourage you to cheer on the hills and then bring your group around to find me on clawridge when it's time. 2 groups will have their intervals interrupted with a technique session, unfortunately- it has to be this way. Coaches will leave your team with Claire and take the previous team with you and set them up for the interval loop. Everyone returning to the lodge for 7:15. 

    Group 1 at 6:55
    Group 2 at 6:35
    Group 3 at 6:15
    Group 4 at 5:50

*I hope this makes sense. :)

Thursday: Recovery day! We will be going for a long sustained CLASSIC SKATE distance ski. Now sustained means- a manageable tempo that allows you to breath moderately hard, but be able to keep that speed and tempo for over an hour. I noticed a few people going SUPER slow last time we did this workout- meaning I did 16km in 2 hours and some groups did less than 12km. If I can do 16km, I expect everyone to be able to do 14km easily in 2 hours (except for our U12 athletes). My expectation for this practice is that each group skis between 10-15km during this practice.

    Group 1. Nathan: Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Jameson, Mak, Ella and Johanna
    Group 2: Shannon: Signey, Sara, Aaron and Genevieve
    Group 3: Theresa: Corwin, Adam, Will, Mika and Lara
    Group 4: Claire: Nigel, Colson, Miriam, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Troy, Adelaide

Saturday: We're putting in the km's. As the ski club has a km challenge out (see the website), I figured we need to put in our time. Skate practice- and let's see how much of the ski trails we can cover!! No slow zone1 skiing please!! Juniors- you too will be doing a km tour to see just how far you can get during practice, Goose, I'm going to ask you to lead this group for them please! I look forward to seeing how far everyone gets.

    Group 1. Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Mak, Ella and Johanna
    Group 2: Claire: Signey, Sara, Aaron and Genevieve, Jameson
    Group 3: Shannon: Corwin, Adam, Will, Mika and Lara
    Group 4: Theresa: Nigel, Miriam, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Troy, Adelaide