Pre Training Health Assessment Form

February 1-7, 2021.

How is it already February?! Thank you everyone for working together to stay warm this week- we got some good tempo skiing in this week along with a bunch of kms!! Woohoo!!! 

And so you're all ready for race season now! :D As I don't feel very confident that the province is going to open up all that soon (but I'll know after Monday's meeting with Nordiq Alberta), the coaches came up with some brilliant race ideas for the team for the remainder of the season! As well, the ski club is also going to be putting on some races (the Loppet and the duathlon- snowshoe & ski). From now until the end of March, we will be doing a variety of races and we're excited, starting with this weekend!!! PLUS IT'S GOING TO SNOW THIS WEEK!!! #lifeisgood :D



Tuesday: Practice looks like it will be cancelled for the Juniors. Sorry guys! We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday- you have been missed!! Seniors- Classic- wax your skis and be ready for a similar ski as last Thursday: no-stopping, just skiing workout. Each team can make up their own adventure on where they go- athletes lead, coaches are there to follow your lead. My only rule is to leave no skier behind and no stopping. 

     Group 1: Nathan: Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Jameson, Adam, Aaron and Corwin (meet by timing tower)

    Group 2: Theresa: Mika, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Troy, Nigel, Will and Genevieve (meet by the fence- lodge)
    Group 3: Claire and Shannon: Miriam, Johanna, Signey, Sara, Mak, Ella and Lara (meet across from the 
                             timing tower)

Thursday: Due to the drastic change in the weather forecast from when I checked it on Saturday... we are classic skiing this week. Lower 5km trails will be skied on, Wax your skis!!! Oh... and dress warmly... please remember to check Environment Canada website at 4pm to see if practice is a go or not. 15 text messages with my few minutes of prep that I have prior to practice isn't manageable for me. 

SaturdayCANCELLED ITS TOO COLD: 12:30-2:30pm. Dress warmly. Groups will be made once everyone shows up. Similar practice to Tuesday evening- unless the weather has drastically warmed up- but dress for the weather please and come for some fresh air!! :)

Juniors: Temperature cutoff will be 11:30am on Environment Canada website.