Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 11-17, 2021

It's RACE week with the team!!! Please pay attention to details on the blog- things are going to look a bit different this week. 

Please note the TIME CHANGE for Saturday.

Tuesday: Skate: Today will be race prep for Thursday and ultimately Saturday. Each senior race team athlete will be in charge of their own warm-up today- I encourage you to ski your course for Saturday during this time. Juniors, you will warm up as a group. Then, at 6:05 seniors you will ski your course with your group; you will then do a time trial of your course (we will try and time it) and then you will ski a 10-15 min recovery ski on poplar loop. Once you've done this, you will then ski a zone3 loop of Poplar (and maybe claw ridge) for 10 min and then there will be a group cool down for the remainder of practice. 

Group 1: Coach Nathan, Adam, Seamus, Nigel, Liam, Aiden, Jameson, Makena, (meet by the timing tower) (You are racing the Blue Course)
Group 2: Coach Claire & Coach Theresa will split this group: Mika, Will, Kaitlynn, Corwin, Aaron, Genevieve, Miriam, Lauren and Troy (opposite the timing tower, by the trees) (You are racing the Green Course)
Group 3: Coach Shannon, Lara, Sara, Ella, Johanna, Signey (meet by the fence by the lodge) (You are racing the Blue Course)
Group 4: Coach Caroline, Coach Doris, ALL juniors and Colson (Meet in the stadium in the middle) (You are racing the Orange Course)

Thursday: Skate Sprint races. They will be run in a kings court fashion (this means everyone will race three times with a few minutes break in between each race). Each heat will look a bit different and we will be yelling to tell you who's in which heat, after your starting race. If you are waiting for your next heat, you will need to be skiing around the stadium, waiting for your next turn AND social distancing. Coaches will be asked to help herd athletes and keep everyone in the know. It will be pure chaos and fun! If there are a few parents who can help out that would be greatly appreciated. Dress warmly and please help us keep everyone distanced. 

Athletes- you are on your own for your warm-up. JUNIORS START AT 5:45! Races start at 6:00pm sharp. Start lists will be with coaches at the beginning of practice and will be based off of your time trial from Tuesday times. Practice may go a bit late, but I'm hoping to keep it on time as much as possible.

Saturday: Skate Distance Race: 8:30-10:00am. Due to Jackrabbits, biathlon multi practices, lessons on Sunday and North trail use increasing, we will run our distance skate race earlier in the morning. This means HEADLAMPS for those starting before 9:00am! 30 second interval starts- I recommend waxing your skis before the race but as the lodge remains closed- perhaps finding a warmer day and using the tables outside of the lodge- it's not ideal, I understand. I aways suggest being at a race 45min-1hour in advance of your start time- please plan accordingly. You are also in charge of your warm-up. You will be racing laps- so also plan to count up to 3... that's on you! :) 

km starts will begin at 8:30; 4km starts will begin at 8:50; 3km starts will begin at 9:15 and 2km starts will begin at 9:30am. 

Athletes will be expected to do a cool down ski (3-6km) after their race and drink their chocolate milk for a good recovery. Specific start lists are posted below. 

Coach Nathan and Claire will run the race and time, Coaches Shannon, Theresa, Caroline and Doris will be helping with any prep that athletes may have. Juniors you will warm up with your two coaches. Parents can ski around the courses and cheer- but no spectators please. 

BLUE COURSE: 3x for the 3km; 2x for the 2km.

RED COURSE: 2x for the 4km; 3x for the 6km.

Start Times:

8:30:00 AMSeamus Ventic-Ricketts
8:30:30 AMLiam Tinworth
8:31:00 AMAiden Armstrong
8:31:30 AMJameson Nelson
8:32:00 AMCorwin Briere
8:32:30 AMAdam Hutchinson
8:33:00 AMAaron Hutchinson
8:33:30 AMMakena Pruden
8:34:00 AMElla Pruden
8:34:30 AMNigel Fehr
8:35:00 AMSara Martin
8:35:30 AMSigney Fehr
8:36:00 AMLara Ball

Start TimeName
8:50:00 AMKaitlynn Briere
8:50:30 AMGenevieve Beekman
8:51:00 AMMika Richter
8:51:30 AMMiriam Lynch
8:52:00 AMWill Armstrong
Start TimeName
9:15:00 AMLauren Gaultier
9:15:30 AMTroy Martin
9:16:00 AMColson Udey

Start TimeName
9:30:00 AMZach Nelson
9:30:30 AMWes Gaultier
9:31:00 AMEthan Martin
9:31:30 AMDarion Carrier
9:32:00 AMLena McNolte    
9:32:30 AMWinnie Udey
9:33:00 AMHeidi McNolte.   


*I highly recommend a nice 1hour+ ski on Sunday to ski out your racing legs.