Pre Training Health Assessment Form

January 17-25, 2021

What a great week of racing guys!! Well done to everyone of you! It's not easy getting out there and racing against the team or anyone for that matter- but the environment that you all created around the whole three days, made for a great TEAM space and a feeling of belonging, joy and fun. So thank you all!! It felt great to see you all trying so hard and showing off everything that we've done up until now!

Nordiq Alberta has posted a new race season for 2021. Again, this is tentative, but perhaps some preparation for your own family and athlete may help. I will not be booking any hotels until closer to these dates. But if we're allowed to race and the province is supporting it, then I will do my utmost to be at all of the events, job pending.

            February 20-21 Alberta Cup 1/2/&3 (Formerly 7/8/&9) Fort MacMurray 
            February 26-27 Alberta Cup 4/5 (Formerly 3/4) Canmore
            March 6-7 Alberta Cup 6/7 (Formerly 5/6) Red Deer
            March 27-28 Alberta Cup 8/9 (Formerly 1/2) Canmore 



TUESDAY: practice is cancelled. I fear that we will sadly be doing a lot of skate over the next while... TBD. Come prepared to do Classic, but we may be skating... It will depend on the temperature damage out on the trails over this weekend but more-so in the coming days. 

Recovery day! We will be going for a long sustained distance ski. Remembering that sustained means- a manageable tempo that allows you to breath moderately hard, but be able to keep that speed and tempo for over an hour. This is specifically NOT a slow ski- my expectation for this practice is that each group skis between 10-15km during this practice.

    Group 1. Nathan: Seamus, Aiden, Liam, Jameson, Ella and Johanna (meet by the timing tower)
    Group 2: Shannon: Signey, Sara, Aaron, Mika and Genevieve (meet by the fence by the lodge)
    Group 3: Theresa: Corwin, Adam, Troy, Miriam and Lara (meet across from the timing tower)
    Group 4: Claire: Nigel, Colson, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Adelaide (meet by the bird house)
    Group 5: Juniors (meet in the middle) 6-7:00pm.

Thursday: Skate- this practice has changed: due to the ice on the trails and athlete safety- we will be restricted to only certain trails. I will have a better idea tomorrow at practice as Crawford, our groomer will be out tomorrow trying hard to get us the best trails that he can. If you have older skis/rock skis please bring them, if you have SNS boots, please bring them, if you don't, please bring everything that you need to skate ski and we will see what we can pull out for equipment. Thank you!

Saturday: Skate- Double poling actually. This is going to be the focus of this practice. Remembering that 70% of you skate power is your upper body... we need to build this technique and strength. 
    Group 1. Theresa: Seamus, Aiden, Adam, Liam, Jameson, Ella and Johanna (meet by the timing tower)   
    Group 2: Nathan: Corwin, Aaron, Troy, Sara, Signey, Miriam and Lara (meet by the fence by the lodge)
    Group 3: Claire & Shannon: Nigel, Colson, Lauren, Kaitlynn, Adelaide, Mika and Genevieve (meet by
                                                     the bird house)
    Group 4: Juniors (meet in the middle)