Pre Training Health Assessment Form

March 15-21, 2021

Wooooweeee what a great few weeks of skiing we've had! Puppies, Ivan, obstacle courses and a fantastic loppet! We could not have asked for better weather and events, the past few weeks! 

... that's MY face this weekend with all this negative talk about the season ending early!!! 


1. It's spring ski season now- especially as the weather has a lot of sunshine this week in it!  ...and we're heading into rock ski conditions. We will be skating a lot, so if you have gear that's a bit run down and well used with some nicks in it- please switch to these skis for the coming weeks. If you don't have gear, then we will have to use the revolutions. There are problems with this as we have to now use ski club boots (I hope to have this situation rectified this summer). 

In the mean time, Seniors, if you need SNS boots- we will be renting them from the ski club for the remainder of the season for $10 and keeping the skate revolution skis with you until the end of the season. I will need a parent to help me out with this task- as everything will need to be signed out/assigned to each specific athlete, which will help me find equipment more easily when we truly are out of snow. I never know when our 'last ski practice' really is. Some years it's before March 31, some years it's after. COME EARLIER THAN 5:30 TO RECEIVE THESE. Limited supplies also.

Juniors: we will be renting you the classic SNS rock skis. If you need to borrow boots- it will be $10 to the ski club and the same scenario as above. If you have gear that is ok to be run over a bit of dirt here and there, then I wouldn't worry about it. :) 


2. I will be putting in an order to Norway for a few more pairs of classic roller skis. If you'd like to purchase your own (classic or skate and they come with NNN/Prolink bindings), which I recommend as they're such a good price, please email me and let me know. The order will go in before the end of the month. They run around $275/pair, but more if you'd like the higher end pairs.


3. There will be an email coming to you soon. It will be a survey about spring/summer training and your interest or disinterest in it. There are still not a lot of options with the restrictions still on and I'd like to know what your thoughts are and if the need is there for training over the spring/summer. I'm willing to entertain this idea again to help the team out, if there's interest.


Tuesday: Skate- downhill dash. I'll call Crawford to see what's open for us. We may have to be creative for this one! 

Thursday: Classic/Skate- this practice is bring a friend to practice day. Race team, you will wear your classic skis and your friend can wear your skate gear. Due to COVID regulations and challenges, we won't be sharing out ski club equipment this year. Everyone (buddies too) will need to fill out their COVID form and you are in charge of helping out your buddy. Each coach will take a pod of skiers and you're in charge of teaching your buddy how to ski. This is my favourite practice as you all realize just how hard it is to coach! :) 

Saturday: Skate- this may be an adventure ski of where we can go, regarding how much snow is left!